Texas Heat

Texas Heat

By David Matthews

Avry Harris is a young baseball pitching phenom with an incredibly tragic past, about whose true details he is unaware. The death of his parents places him in the care of his uncle’s family. They move to a small Texas town that is completely consumed with baseball, offering Avery a chance for a new life. New friends and teammates show Avry that people truly care and they begin guiding him in a direction that can lead to overwhelming stardom and fame in the world of professional baseball, ultimately being drafted by his favorite team, the Houston Astros. But dark secrets are also revealed, both shocking and life altering, that force Avry to seek help and comfort from his new found friends. But a developing romantic relationship poses a potential pitfall that can lead to ultimate disaster for Avry and the one he loves. Dark forces from the past add suspense and additional dangers to Avry’s quest for success and happiness.

About David

David was born in Houston, Texas in June of 1975. He has been a lifelong fan of baseball, specifically the Houston Astros Organization, having been taken to his first game at the young, ripe age of four-years-old, by his father. David graduated from high school in 1994 and has been writing regularly since the early nineties. David studied at the Los Angeles film school from 2001-2003 and at the Oklahoma City University where he studied under Grey Fredrickson, Academy Award winning Executive producer of The Godfather parts one and two, Apocalypse Now and The Outsiders. While attending school in Oklahoma he also studied under Fritz Kiersch, director of the original Children of the Corn, Tuff Turf and many other notable films. David lives with his wife and family in the Texas Hill Country. 

What People Are Saying…

“Interesting read. It kept me hooked through the whole book and wanting more. If you are a baseball fan then this book is for you.”

“Texas Heat is fascinating & intriguing. it’s a definite page-turner! Story contains adventure, romance and survival.”